Sunday, September 27, 2009

Inka / Инка

this is one more pendant ispired by South America Indians.
i cannot explain why but i associate jade with them and their art - in fact they used it less then everything else like shells, but i have a strong associaion just with green jade... maybe because its colour resembles jungle forests...

once i bought the button - its ornament is like Indians' rock carvings! (but i suppose sunflowers or smth like to be drawned there:)))

so this is it - i've got a small collection of Indians' jewelry, i also have one more sketch for the volume embroidered necklace.

i used 2 15 mm jades, metal button, toho beads, delica beads, black pearls, czeck glass beads.



  1. It's a very beautiful necklace! I like it so much! :)

  2. Siento no hablar tu idioma, pero me encanta, es precioso!! enhorabuena, kisses.

  3. Love your Embroidery! All of them!

    g Susa

  4. Оригинальная вещичка! Красиво получилось!