Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mulled wine / Глинтвейн

the new one.
a necklace with moss agate and pearls.
i'm proud as this is the first one which fits me very well - the pattern was very good!

i started embroidering it several days ago, and while beading i thought about its name all the time. the colour of cube beads is so 'tasty', it's like berries, and the brown colours are like cinnamon - so i decided to name it 'mulled wine')

and it's really coincidence, but yesterday we had a mulled wine party! everything was great except for the thing that i'm not allowed to drink any alkochol! i had to believe it was tasty on everybody's bare word)

i used moss agate, two pretty buttons, brown (or golden?) and white pearls, cube beads, delicas


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