Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blue eyes / Голубые глаза

Blue eye, if to be strict:)

this weekend we found wonderful lapis lazuli earrings - i didn't manage to buy smth of look for gemstones - we just had a walk around.
i don't wear earrings, but even if i did, i would definetly dissolve the earrings - the gemstones in them were so georgeus!

the gems are 35*25 mm, the earrings costed 265 rub!!! for comparison in the e-shop where i usually buy cabs lapis lazuli (appr. 30*20 mm) costs more then 500 rub! so it was quite good purchase!

i wanted to use black pearls to accompany lazuli, but among metallic beads they (pearls) became grey.... nevetheless i like the result)

i used lapis lazuli teadrop bead, black pearls, pyrite beads, toho beads.