Monday, March 5, 2012


Let this piece be my leaving the cradle.

This was hard time for me, so much happened during past several month.

Last time I posted here was the time when I got new job. I began to spend so much time in the office and completely lost my mood to bead for very long time.
After I got used to new lifestyle, we got this new apartment. We decided to change our bedroom interior. You'll understand why after looking at these pics:

As a result we got this, here is our bedroom now:

A also started orthodontic treatment, making my teeth straight and beautiful:)

You see, lots of things changed. And it was so much pleasure to come back here and see that you guys didn't forger about me. Despite the fact I didn't post here for months I still have your attention and even got some new followers;) This is fantastic, thank you so much!!

Now back to the necklace. Here is where I got an inspiration:
However, the piece had been designed before I saw this. But the mood I have now is pretty much like the music. So let it be Cradle. I just need to wake up from this long winter.
Jades, watches.
For sale.